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I'm glad you've found my site and would like to introduce the complementary and integrative health care I offer. I practice integrated manual therapies for the whole family -- infants, children, adults, and our elders - for over 28 years.

A comprehensive assessment of the body's structure, cranial rhythms, and a Listening Test/Evaluation shows how your body and ears (which are related to your body) are functioning. We can then assist the body's readiness for change using several methods:

  • Alfred Tomatis' Audio-Psycho-Phonology
  • The Rolf Method of Structural Integration
  • Advanced Cranial and Visceral Manipulation
  • Environmental Illness Consultation and Assessment

Who May Benefit...

  • Children or adults with chronic pain or injuries impairing their body's functioning
  • Infants with colic or birth trauma/anoxia
  • Infants or children with developmental delays, ADD/ADHD, Autism spectrum disorders
  • Those with a history of emotional trauma or PTSD with a component in the body
  • Those suffering from chronic stress and its afffects on sleep, digestion, or other body processes
  • Temporomandibular Joint (TMJ) problems

Alfred Tomatis developed Audio-Psycho-Phonology, a listening re-education, used for children and adults having problems with:

  • focus
  • attention
  • low energy/depression,
  • autism spectrum disorders, and
  • singers and musicians for ear re-training.

How does one start...

A phone call to schedule an appointment for a comprehensive assessment is the best place to start. Following this, a plan of care is developed addressing your body's specific needs, with your particular goals in mind.

Feel free to call with any questions: 217.355.3507


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Please feel free to browse the rest of my website which gives more detailed information on the particular therapies I practice.

Alfred Tomatis' Audio-Psycho-Phonology (APP)

Audio-Psycho-Phonology is a re-training of the listening function of the ear. It is increasingly used with children and adults to help with sensory integration, visual/motor coordination, ADD/ADHD, autism spectrum disorders, depression, auditory processing, and ear training for musicians and singers. The ear is primary to language development.

Developed by Alfred Tomatis, a French ear, nose and throat physician, APP is a re- training of the listening function of our ear. It and many offshoots of Dr. Tomatis' research are increasingly being used with children and adults to help with sensory integration, visual/motor coordination, ADD/ADHD, autism spectrum disorders, chronic stress, depression, auditory processing, communication/language skills, and ear training for musicians and singers.

Listening integrates our sensations and perceptions. It begins in utero when the fetus becomes aware of the sounds and frequencies in the fluids of the mother’s body and her voice. APP engages this developmental listening process by using filters with the mother’s recorded voice, reproducing how sound is heard in utero and deepening the effect of the listening re-training.

The ear is also primary to language development. Our ability to focus, switch our attention, ignore background noise, and modulate the intensity of our incoming perceptions all contribute to good listening. Through the vestibular and cerebellar systems we integrate all of the sensory information that comes into us, then coordiniate it with motor movements of the body and eyes. This system is also important in regulating our anxiety.

Higher frequencies charge the cortex of our brain and give us energy, lower frequencies engage the vestibular system affecting our body’s motor ablilities and the visual motor skills important to learning. When the ear’s ability to process sound improves it is easier to learn. We can focus attention selecting what sounds we want to hear and tuning out those that are unwanted.

As it becomes easier to understand what is being communicated to us, the joy of communicating with others and expressing ourself returns.

An assessment from an initial Listening Evaluation is followed by a program of 50 to 200 hours of auditory stimulation over several months. Sharron creates an individually tailored program to target the frequency ranges that have been impaired and then monitors the ear’s progress in better detecting subtle discriminations of language, musical, & emotional response. A specialized machine, developed by Alfred Tomatis, filters & gates music so it is specifically patterned for your child’s ear, giving optimal stimulation at the frequencies they need and are deficient in.

Audio-Psycho-Phonology is used in many European countries, Canada and the United States to assist auditory processing and overall neurological organization in children as well as adults.

Advanced CranioSacral-Biodynamic ● Visceral Manipulation ● Rolf Method

Infants   -   Children   -   Adults

Over 28 years, Sharron has learned to listen to and respect symptom as complex information. Trained in multiple modalities, she can better assist infants, children, and adults find their own particular way of healing.

"The body can be trusted to slowly find its way home by relearning through feelings & sensations, its 'mother-tongue'--that which we've known all along yet often are socialized out of... or traumatized into forgetting."

People who care about each other are connected in many ways. The family system is a whole organism with its own patterns of being with each other and together have a unique movement toward Health. Their bodies are interacting with each other, so Sharron listens to both child and parent through the body's language, learning along with them what is wanted, what is needed.

Craniosacral (Biodynamic) and Visceral Manipulation are derived from osteopathy. With gentle, noninvasive touch, the rhythms of your central nervous system and subtle fluid forces that formed you in utero can be listened to so they might realign with the pattern of Health. These have been shown to be effective for migraine or other headaches, back pain, TMJ syndrome, dizziness/vertigo, chronic ear infections, sinus problems, Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, infant colic or poor suck reflex, birth trauma, learning disabilities, autism spectrum disorders, hypertonus of cerebral palsy, asthma, and the effects of emotional trauma or chronic stress on the autonomic nervous system.

"Metaphors and dream symbolism lead in their nonlinear, circular route engaging physiology with the person's internal wisdom."

The Rolf Method of Structural Integration is a system of body re-education that frees the membranous layers of the body which can adhere to each other after injury or years of poor body posture. The body compensates over time and muscles tighten and shorten, range of motion decreases, and stiff and painful areas make daily activities hard work. When these layers are separated and aligned within the gravitational field, people often experience an increase in energy and an ease of movement that hasn’t been there for perhaps a long time. Sharron is certified in the Rolf Method of Structural Integration and studied at the Guild for Structural Integration in order to study with two of Ida Rolf’s students and the original concepts she developed.

Marion Woodman's BodySoul Rhythms, David Grove's Metaphor Therapy, and Family Constellations are all ways to come alongside and then listen to the body/mind/heart of the individual and family system. Sharron holds a disciplined container, watching the symbols that are leading toward Health. She trained with Marion Woodman's team over 14 yrs. through the leadership level of the Jung/Nietzche lectures.

Equine Structural Integration

Based on the Rolf Method

"Dance with the horse like dancing with someone you love--there's just you and he in the whole world."     --Buck Brannaman

Working on humans with the Rolf Method of Structural Integration since 1995, I decided to work with horses after seeing one put down even after healing from a broken scapula. The owner lovingly and painstakingly helped the horse to heal, yet had it put down believing there was no way to rebalance the body and free up the stiff and shortened layers after 6 wks of standing on 3 legs. That animal, healthy and wanting to live, was unable to because of a lack of information. Not wanting to witness that again, I decided to study the Rolf Method for Horses with Jim Pascucci, Advanced Rolfer in 2007. The knowledge to help animals when the owner may not know what is possibe is what I wanted. Now I work on both horses and dogs.

The Rolf Method is not massage, it works more deeply than that. It is a series of 5 sessions that build on each other to free up every layer of muscle throughout the horse’s body using the membrane system called “fascia” which surrounds muscles, nerves, bones, tendons and organs. Fascia is a ‘net’ holding everything together as a unit, a beautiful web, strong and supple at the same time. When freed up and realigned, a fluidity of movement returns that is the animal’s birthright.

Strains, injuries, muscle tension, or scar tissue can cause this web of fascia to become stuck and layers adhered to each other. This makes it hard to move with ease and limits range of motion. Over time, patterns come that restrict the animal’s movement and can cause pain. When your horse can’t give you the lead you may ask for, the reach and lightness of a jump, it isn’t being stubborn— a muscle imbalance may be shortening an area. Observing the horse’s structure, I assist with realigning the tissue by separating restrictions so it can move with greater freedom.

I also watch how both rider’s body and the horse’s body are moving together, ‘dancing’ with each other.

Environmental Illness

Our world is not in balance. Despite our attempts to approach living in this complex age, our positive attitude does not protect us from the reality that our bodies, our minds, our immune sytem, and our families are being affected by the chemicals, the pesticides, herbicides, and indoor molds and mycotoxins that are either ignored or minimized. We are not separate from what is in and surrounding our homes and workplaces. Environmental illness is about the interaction between humans and their environment and the effects on our Health from the world we are creating.

Perhaps our world now justifies going so fast that we don.t treasure and take care of our homes, investing in careful repairs immediately when something goes wrong, or using materials that may be more expensive and resist dampness. The choices we have been making as a culture have led to some estimates that over 40% of structures in the United States may have pathogenic mold and mycotoxins in them, and that the cleaners we use, the furniture we buy, rugs or carpet we install have poisons that are affecting our brains, nervous systems and muscles and hormone regulation. Accumulated over a lifetime the effects are seen, though perhaps not recgnized in the immediate moment.

In assisting bodies to return to Health- a way of being on the Earth that is our birthright- Sharron assesses exposure to toxins affecting muscles, the functioning of our brains, and our quality of life and families without our knowledge.

Chemicals come into our bodies through food we eat, air we are breathing, the water we are drinking, and the products we are using in our homes and in our personal hygiene. They are stored in our bodies for years, usually in our fat tissue, unless removed through treatment. Some symptoms may be an ongoing fatigue, cold hands and feet, headaches, bloating, food sensitivities, wheezing, or heart palpitations.

Indoor molds are also known to cause serious health problems, and these indoor molds are different from outdoor molds. Mold starts to grow within 24-72 hrs of a water leak that may come in a basement, a pipe, a roof, or a poorly sealed window or ongoing moist and musty conditions. People have often heard about Stachybotrys or .black mold. as a mold which is dangerous but it is not the only toxic indoor mold. There are others that are known to cause illness.

Molds give off both spores, which enter the body through the airways or throat causing lung or throat irritation or the eyes making them irritated or swollen, and gases -chemicals called mycotoxins- and organic solvents such as benzene, hexane, acetone, and toluene. Each of these damage the body in a particular way affecting the brain, the skin, the sinuses, the gastrointestinal tract, the lungs and the cardiovascular system. Molds can alter your immune system making you more susceptible to infections and also cause allergic reactions such as headaches, fatigue, vocal hoarseness, or problems breathing.

Even if no spores are found to be present, the chemicals emitted by molds are toxic to one.s health and are absorbed by clothing, textile furniture, paper and books, mattresses and pilows and carpeting that has become contaminated. After an area is remediated, these toxins may yet remain in contaminated belongings and continue to cause illness and infection. Learning from Dr. Adrienne Sprouse M.D., M.Ed. a toxicologist and expert in the field of Mold and Environmental Illness in Manhatten, NY since 2014 through the present, and attending the International Mycotoxin Conference in 2016. Sharron offers this expertise for initial and ongoing assessment and consultation referring you to physicians for testing and a full treatment protocol.


Sharron Coeurvie, BSN, APP, BCIP is a nurse listening to bodies, families, and animals since 1989. She has given talks in Italy and the United States, is Board Certified in Integrative Pediatrics, is certified from the Guild for Structural Integration and in Alfred Tomatis' Audio-Psycho-Phonology from Mozart-Brain-Lab in Sint Truiden Belgium. Over the past 5 yrs, Sharron has been studying environmental illness to further understand the many factors affecting a person's body and emotions.

Call: 217-355-3507 to begin.