Mold/ Environmental Illness Consulting


To Create a Healthy World and Healthy People

Our complex age demands we understand many factors affecting the Health of our bodies, minds, immune sytem, and families.

Chemicals in personal care products and cleaners, pesticides/herbicides, indoor molds or mycotoxins, electromagnetic frequencies (EMF’S)/ 5G are often ignored.

Research links these toxins to disease states such as -Parkinson’s Disease, -“Inhalant Alzeimers”, -autism spectrum disorders, misdiagnosed anxiety or various neurocognitive disorders.

Environmental illness looks at the interaction between our bodies and the environment — Health connected to the world we are creating.

Choices we make as a culture have led to some estimates that over 40% of structures in the United States have pathogenic mold and mycotoxins in them. 

Perhaps we’re going so fast that we’re not treasuring, not caring for our homes by investing in repairs immediately when something goes wrong, or using materials that may be more expensive and resist dampness like plaster. We might save money and compromise our Health, ignoring the chemicals or VOC’s in paints, carpets, plywood, and furniture textiles.

Symptoms of ongoing fatigue, cold hands and feet, headaches, bloating, food sensitivities, wheezing, or heart palpitations might be involved with these toxins.

These chemicals are hormone disruptors even in small amounts and lead to the weakening of our immune system or actual illness.

Accumulating over a lifetime, they can cause documented disease, affecting the brain, nervous systems, organs, muscles and whole body.

The food we eat, air we breathe in our homes or out of doors, water we’re drinking and products we use all may have toxins in them which get stored in the body until removed through careful treatment.


There is a way to repair to regenerate our Body and restore it. Bodies respond to good treatment just as land does. 

         We are here to thrive. 

photo by pexels-splitshire

Sharron Coeurvie, BSN, RN, BCIP  studies with the AAEM (American Academy of Environmental Medicine) and learned with Dr. Adrienne Sprouse M.D, M.Ed, Director of Manhatten Health Consultants, a nationally recognized expert in evaluating  and treating mold and environmental toxic exposure. 

A member of ISEAI, International Society for Environmentally Aquired Illness, she offers:

Comprehensive Evaluations for mold and toxic environmental exposures

Education for remediation of the home or workplace

Recommendations for health testing, treatment options and consulting for differential diagnosis with medical practitioners.

Consulting and coordination with physicians for ongoing monitoring through the detoxification process.