Rolf Method of Structural Integration- Human & Equine

“Gravity is the therapist.” – Ida Rolf

Working with humans using the Rolf Method of Structural Integration since 1995, I also began working with horses to understand  ‘Instinct’-  information outside of words or linear dynamics.

            Humans seem to be losing this wisdom, in themselves… and also in treating other creatures and the world around them mechanistically.                                               

“Dance with the horse like dancing with someone you love- there’s just you and he in the whole world.”Buck Brannaman

Structural Integration works deeply, freeing each layer of fascia surrounding muscles, nerves, bones, tendons and organs, then organizing it within Gravity.

Fascia, is a ‘net’ holding everything together as a unit- a web, beautifully strong and supple at the same time.

When it’s freed and realigned, a fluidity of movement returns that is the animal’s birthright.

Strains, injuries, muscle tension or scar tissue cause this ‘web’ of fascia to shorten and layers adhere making it harder to move with ease.

Over time, these compensations restrict movement and can create pain. As muscles tighten, they also shorten and rotate to keep the eyes level with the horizon… it becomes complicated! 

Structural Integration separates fascial layers then aligns them in Gravity-

where an experience of increased energy and ease returns.

Assessing gait, alignment, structure, I work progressively from superficial to deep layers of fascia, separating and reorganizing it as a whole within gravity- the function of our body is affected by its structure. With your horse, if it’s unable to give you the lead you ask for, the collection, reach or lightness, it isn’t being stubborn, there is a good reason…

Certified in the Rolf Method of Structural Integration since 1995, Sharron studied at The Guild for Structural Integration with two of Ida Rolf’s students and her original concepts. She began offering her Equine clients the benefits of this work in 2007, after training with Advanced Rolfer, Jim Pascucci in Colorado. Attending Buck Brannaman’s clinics, she continues to learn about the subtle dynamics between rider and horse.