Advanced Biodynamic Cranial/ Visceral Manipulation

Through the years, I’ve learned to listen and respect symptom as complex information asking for our attention… then assist the person with their particular way of healing.

People who care about each other are connected in many many ways–  the family system is a whole organism.

The family has its very own patterns for being with each other… As a whole, they move toward Health together since their bodies are interacting with each other on a nonverbal level.

I ‘listen’ to both child and parent in a treatment session,

and through their body’s ‘language’, learn alongside them what is being asked for, what is wanted by their body.

Biodynamic Craniosacral and Visceral Manipulation are derived from osteopathy, and James Jealous DO.

With gentle, noninvasive touch, the rhythms of your central nervous system, the world around you, and subtle fluid forces forming you as an embryo

are listened to… so they might

realign with the pattern of Health and land.

 Infant CranioStructural Evaluation


“As the pot is shaped, so grows the plant’. Viola Frymann, DO

Labor and delivery are hard work.- Ask any mother or father. It’s also hard on the infant to enter the world, to join with Mom -who is their world- in the process of coming to Earth.

Because their head is maleable, the many forces of birthing affect the bones and fascia of the infant’s head and whole body. Misalignment or compression can interfere with how well a baby sucks or latches on, and what may appear to be a tongue-tie could actually be cranial, jaw misalignments affecting optimal breastfeeding.

Visually nothing may look amiss, yet if trained in Pediatric CranioSacral one is taught to see imbalances of head, pelvic, or shoulder bones & fascia which influence the nerves and reflexes an infant relies on for efficiently breastfeeding, sleep, digestion, and later on, developmental and learning milestones.

Effective For:

*infant colic/ poor suck-latch/ birth trauma

*Migraines/ headaches, back pain

*dizziness/vertigo, sinus problems, TMJ dysfunction

*learning disabilities, ADD/ADHD, autism spectrum disorders,

*hypertonus of cerebral palsy

* Autonomic Dysregulation

*PTSD- (Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder) and the effects of *chronic stress on sleep and the autonomic nervous system.


             Body/Mind & Dream Integration            

Marion Woodman’s “BodySoul Rhythms”,     

David Grove’s “Metaphor Therapy”,         

are all ways to come alongside the Body and listen for ‘Soul’-whether the  individual’s or family’s.  Holding  a disciplined container to allow symbols, metaphors, and dream images wanting to be heard, we respectfully follow what leads toward Health.

I trained with Marion Woodman’s team in Canada for over 14 yrs, through the Leadership Level, and listening for generational information held within the body, along with David Grove’s work using ‘clean’ language to follow metaphors.




http://Marion Woodman: Pioneer of Conscious Femininity and the Psychology of the Soul |