Sharron presented to the Illinois State Breastfeeding Task Force: “The Dynamics of the Birth Process and Effects on Breastfeeding -Cranial Osteopathic Responses in CraniaoSacral Therapy”, Jan. 21, 2020 in Springfield IL. She gave a brief history of cranial osteopathic techniques from Andrew Still, DO, John Upledger, DO, Viola Frymann, DO and James Jealous, DO and then addressed the growing evidence-base for CranioSacral therapy’s help with the suck/latch response, ankyloglossia, plagiocephaly, breastfeeding and mother-infant attachment. Sharron discussed the Protocol used to assess the effects of the birth process’ impact on the cranial bones and spine of the newborn which can compress nerves affecting the tongue and mouth. Most important was the infant sitting next to Sharron who squirmed with her own opinion of agreeing or differing opinion to what was said! What a delight. The women of the State Breastfeeding Task Force, quietly committed to helping this first experience of attachment, are so important to our looking to a mother, a human for soothing and pleasure….and affecting that baby’s future. Thank you.